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You Deserve a Premium Interior

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AD' Design Studio is a Rome-based Italian design studio working worldwide.

We specialize in delivering high-end projects that blend beauty with functionality, all while embodying our proud Italian heritage.

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Interior Design, Architecture, Product Design, FF&E Procurement.


Our Expertise

We are a team of passionate architects, engineers, artists, and designers, dedicated to bringing the best of Italian luxury design to the world. We collaborate with Italy's finest producers, known globally for their quality and tradition in design and fashion.

Our Clients

We are privileged to work with some of the world's most exclusive clients, including celebrities, royalties, and high-profile business owners. They choose us for our ability to deliver elegance and coherence that only Italian Design can offer.

Our Approach

We provide a tailored approach to design, creating elegant, cohesive spaces, yet modern and contemporary. We pride ourselves on our ability to find solutions that are both practical and beautiful, ensuring your needs are met within your budget.

"We take Your Personality and transform it into

well-designed Art.

The result of our craft is exceptional Luxe that is

Tailored and Timeless"

Our Team



Andrea D'Anca

Andrea D'Anca


Head of Interior Design

Ignazio Lo Manto

Ignazio Lo Manto

Head of Architectural

Davide Curci

Davide Curci

Head of 3d and Visuals

Our Services

From interior design and architecture to product design, FF&E procurement, and construction, we offer a wide range of services to bring your vision to life.

Our Projects

​Take a look at some of our projects to see the exceptional quality that we deliver.

Ready to experience the elegance of Italian luxury interior design?

Book an introductory meeting with us

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