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AD' Design Studio - Italian Interiors


Warsaw, Poland




Andrea D'Anca (Designer)
Paolo Li Vigni (3d / Visual)

Vision and Objectives

The Apartment at Zlota44 project in Warsaw, Poland, was envisioned as a luxurious and elegant living space that exudes sophistication and timeless charm. The goal was to transform a 200-meter apartment on the 51st floor into a haven of luxury, reflecting the high standards of Italian interior design.

Challenges and Solutions

The project presented a unique set of challenges, including the need to create a design that is both modern and respectful of the local culture and context. Despite these challenges, our Rome-based design studio, successfully delivered a design that balances aesthetics, functionality, and cultural sensitivity.

Design Inspiration

The design drew inspiration from the dynamic and evolving landscape of Warsaw, coupled with our signature Italian luxury design style. We aimed for a balance of luxury and sophistication, but with a minimal approach. The use of high-quality materials and finishes added to the elegant feel of the space.

Our Approach

Our approach was rooted in a deep understanding of the client's vision and the unique context of the project. We utilized high-quality Italian materials and furniture to create a design that was both visually stunning and functional. Our expertise in FF&E procurement allowed us to deliver this high-end design at a cost significantly below retail prices.


The Apartment at Zlota44 project is a testament to the successful integration of Italian luxury design and modern architecture. The design not only fulfilled the client's objectives but also created a living space that exudes an aura of sophistication and elegance. The project's successful completion has led to increased visibility and high client satisfaction.

This project has been featured on Elle Design Poland and many other magazines, showcasing the exceptional design and attention to detail that went into this project. 

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