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AD' Design Studio - Italian Interiors


Dhaka, Bangladesh




Andrea D'Anca (Designer)
Ignazio Lo Manto (Designer)
Davide Curci (3d / Visual)

Project Overview

The Agile Minds Headquarters project was all about creating a future-focused workspace on the 13th floor of the AWR NIB Tower in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The aim was to build a space that reflects the innovative spirit of Agile Minds, a holding company with interests in digital services, electronics, green solutions, and robotics.

Space Utilization

The floor plan includes a reception area, a board room with seating for 14 people, a private office for the owner, and a private lounge area with a bar. Each area was designed with a specific purpose in mind, ensuring a free and comfortable flow of space, privacy, and a clear hierarchy of spaces.

Design Inspiration

The design was inspired by the high-tech standards and futuristic orientation of the holding. The aesthetic is modern, powerful, and elegant, reflecting the high position of the holding in the local and international market. The color palette and mood were influenced by Porsche Design, with chrome, black, matte-grey, metallic finishes, graphite - anthracite, and black marble being key elements.

Key Features

The board room is equipped with an 82” TV and a Polycom system, providing a high-tech environment for meetings. The owner's office is the core of the floor, designed to provide privacy, calmness, and inspiration for better decision making. It includes a massage/relax armchair and features soundproof partition walls, smart, high-tech gadgets, and movable screens/partitions. The lounge/bar area includes an onyx backlit bar counter, a bottle expositor, and the chess table designed by Andrea D'Anca. The lounge is also designed for shisha smoking.


The Agile Minds Headquarters project has successfully transformed the 13th floor of the AWR NIB Tower into a workspace that truly represents the company's innovative spirit and forward-thinking ethos. The design has not only met the client's objectives but has also created an environment that encourages creativity, collaboration, and efficiency. The strategic use of space, coupled with a high-tech and luxurious aesthetic, has resulted in a workspace that is both impressive and functional.

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